If your Vu-Rite camera fails in any manner, the first step to resolving the issue is to call our office at (706) 636-6202. We’ll troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing with your camera and determine the best course of action.


If the camera is under WARRANTY, there is no cost for the repairs made in our shop and upon completion of the repairs, we will pay for ground shipping back to you.


If the camera is no longer under warranty, we will determine what the problem is and advise you of all repair costs before any repairs are performed.

For ALL repairs, the camera owner is responsible for shipping costs to our facility.


EasyCam "Original Style" Camera Repairs:  If you own an EasyCam "original style" sewer inspection camera that was purchased prior to June, 2010 our service center can repair your camera. Vu-Rite is owned and operated by the inventor of the "original style" EasyCam sewer inspection camera.  He has the knowledge and parts available to complete any needed repairs.

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Give Fred or Margie a call at: (706) 646-6202 for all your warranty and service needs.